Fort Myers Mold Remediation

December 19, 2017

They thought it was discoloration... But it was Mold

A leak in a business caused mold to grow all over the ceiling and walls.

In December of 2017, Dryzone was called out to a building in Fort Myers, FL about discoloration and moisture on the walls and ceiling of a local business.

As with any mold problems in Fort Myers, homeowners should be very careful about disturbing any areas that have mold growth. Mold spreads easily. Always call a proper mold removal company such as Dryzone to help.

If you ever notice any musty smells, moisture or standing water in your home, don't be scared to call a professional as a delay can cause even more mold to grow. Most services are covered by insurance if dealt with promptly. Call dryzone for any of your mold removal, mold inspection and mold remediation needs. (239) 244-9922

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