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We're A State-Wide, Full Service, General Contractor!

Did you know we're certified general contractors and offer full service build back and demolition services after a disaster so you're not left high and dry looking for a repair guy. FL Certified General Contractor License #CGC1514310

Water Damage

Are you flooded or do you have water damage? Dryzone's Water Damage Restoration services can help! We help all our clients in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Marco Island and all over SW Florida clean up after a water damage emergency such as a refridgerator line leak, washing machine overflow, toilet backup, sink overflow and many more related problems.

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Mold Problems

Think you have mold problems? Are musty or mildew odors bothering you at home? Don't delay when it comes to getting rid of the mold, as mold can easily get worse. In our damp SW Florida environment, mold and mildew thrives and Dryzone can help you remove it and ensure your air quality is at healthly levels. Don't hesitate to call us before a small mold issue turns into a big one.

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Carpet Cleaning

In need of carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning services? Are dirty, soiled carpets leaving your home looking drab? Dryzone has an entire carpet cleaning division ready to help you get carpet cleaned and looking like new. Our in-house carpet steam cleaning service uses some of the most technologically advanced equipment to ensure your carpets and rugs are cleaned to like new condition.

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Flood Damage

Have you recently suffered a flood in your home or business? Repairing flood damage after significant water intrusion can be a time consuming process. Luckliy with Dryzone, we're a one-stop full service flood damage restoration services provider that can help you get your wet carpet or floor dried, water extraction and structural drying complete to ensure your home is returned to a better than new condition.

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Carpet Drying

Do you have wet carpet or floors? We're specialists at finding the cause of a leak and dryzone can also help get your existing wet carpets dried and replaced depending on how long they've been wet. Wet carpet that has been left for more than 48 hours can start to develop mold and mildew and may possibly need replacement so don't delay when it comes to wet carpet in your home or business.

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Water Extraction

Are you in need of water extraction services? If you've had a water leak, sink overflow, toilet backup, washing machine overflow or a similar water damage incident occur, Dryzone can be on site within 30 minutes to deploy proper water extraction equipment and ensure mold and mildew doesn't start to grow. Call us today if you're in need of water extraction services in Naples or Ft Myers.

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