Naples Water Damage Restoration

October 17, 2017

Whoops... a sprinkler leak

In October of 2017, Dryzone was called out to a building in Naples, FL about water damage due to a sprinkler that was set off by an air conditioning company. Once we arrived, we noticed flooding had already began downstairs.

As with any water damage problems in Naples, homeowners should be very careful about entering any areas that have been damaged, especially if the power is still on. Safety is always our number one priority. Always call a proper water damage restoration company such as Dryzone to help.

Our water damage technician was on-site to this building within 30 minutes to do a proper water damage inspection by using infrared cameras to trace the source of the water and ensure all areas were treated. After the original sprinkler leak problem was fixed, our state certified and licensed water damage technicians arrived and were able to use appropriate structural drying and water damage repair techniques to get the water damage repaired before it became a mold problem.

If you ever notice moisture in the walls, floor or even standing water in your home, don't be scared to call a professional as a delay can cause mold to grow. Most services are covered by insurance if dealt with promptly. Call dryzone for any of your water damage restoration or inspection needs. (239) 676-3474

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