Employee Accolades

September 1, 2015

Fred Maddox

This is a great example of how one of our long term employees Fred Maddox
goes above and beyond for our customers. Way to Go Fred!!!

"What drives you to go above and beyond on every job here at Dryzone??"

There are many roles here at Dryzone, the most important of all these roles, “is to have great customer relations with all of our clients". From my eyes to every job it always starts with the passion I have for the job and all field operations in general.  I take in account the concern of the customer on every one of our jobs and every one of these concerns are different.  Whether it's a fire, water, mold,  bio-hazard, wind and repairs. These concerns vary from homeowner to homeowner so you have to listen to them.    I approach every job like it's my last and only job. I set my goals with a high expectations, urgency and drive to provide the best product that's on this earth, most important leave that customer with a smile on their face. Second in my goals is to be self-motivated and dedicated to the entire task in hand.  To exceed the expectations of that job on completion.  It's a personal reward knowing that it's a job well done. Some people may call it having a big head but I don't. I call it the love for the job in what you do.

In this business it's better to work for referrals than advertising but they both play a different part in this industry, so it's imperative that every Job is your best job. I want to share this story on a recent job.  On the initial call, Dryzone was dispatched to a home on Marco Island that was completely flooded throughout. Pergo laminate flooring was completely floating in the home.

I met with the home watch person on site since the homeowner was out of town at his home up north.  Pulling into the driveway I noticed that water was running out of the garage and then I noticed the source of the water. The hot water tank was spraying water at the ceiling of the garage. It's hard to understand how a hot water tank in the garage would flood and entire home. The expansion tank or air bladder on this particular tank completely broke off and the three-quarter inch pipe that feeds it from the main water supply at the top of the tank, had sprayed water through the ceiling in the garage into the attic and into the home.

Oh did I mention the home was vacant at the time?  There's no way of determining how much water was in the home or how much water was released from the actual pipe. What I can tell you is that it took me and 2 other techs 4 to 5 hours to extract the water from inside the home.  After talking with the homeowner he was very impressed, on the knowledge and  information that I was able to share with him on how we could safely salvage his drywall in the home and guarantee that his home would be bone dry once my dry out was complete; and also free of any microbial growth. I also mentioned to this homeowner we offer a complete repair service an as well as showrooms to his availability.  We met with the insurance adjuster and got everything approved for this loss.

After the dry out was done our customer was so impressed he decided to let Dryzone do the repairs and bring his home to a pre loss condition, if not better!

By now our customer was coming down to his home in Marco with all his family, including his wife, 3 daughters and 11 grandkids!!  We need it to accommodate this big crew in a home that was under construction with no kitchen or laundry!  There was no kitchen sink, no countertops, and no laundry wash tub.  This all was removed during the initial flood and only the base cabinets were installed in the kitchen.

I took initiative and purchased and installed a temporary in-cabinet laundry tub sink.  So that the Mrs. didn’t have to do the dishes in the bathtub!

I installed it in the laundry room and then I re assured  this homeowner that from this point forward everything is going to be OK. In completing this small task it worked out in my favor and I gained the trust and respect back from the homeowner.

This job is still active, should be wrapped up in the next few days. I'm so happy we could make a difference!